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Wulf Mods Lux 400mAh Carto Battery


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Powered by a 400 mAh battery, the LUX features adjustable voltage from 1.8volts to 4.2 volts, allowing users to pick their preference of temperature. It also has a 10 second preheat mode that heats the cartridge to be ready for use. Additionally, a 15-second safety cut-off feature conserves the battery. Finally, the power from the battery to the coil is automatically shut down, preventing the device from overheating or misfiring. 

The Wulf Mods LUX also utilizes 510 threading which lets users interchange the cartridges for versatile usage. The battery is ultimately charged in 30 minutes via a micro-USB port. It includes pass-through charging where it can still be used on the charger. 

ASSORTED COLORS - Call for availability or random will be sent.

PLEASE NOTE:  The Lux is packaged for sale in a counter display with multiple units and therefore does not come individually packaged or include a charging cable.