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Snickers Butterscotch 40g (India)


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Why Snickers Butterscotch Chocolate Bar? Feeling peckish and looking for a tasty snack? Don’t worry, Snickers Butterscotch chocolates have got your back. Grab a Snickers bar filled with butterscotch delight in a delicious chocolate coating and say goodbye to hungry times. The goodness of gooey caramel and soft nougat makes every bite worth savouring.

What makes it different? The rich fusion of a slab of butterscotch-flavoured nougat and caramel creates a deliciously rich flavour that is enough to rock your taste buds. Snickers chocolates, packed with delicious and nutritious roasted peanuts, make for a perfect solution for those hunger pangs.

How to have these? Bring out your inner chef and turn these chocolates into a rich & delicious cake. Say goodbye to normal brownies and make Snickers brownies or try quick and tasty Snickers pudding. Snickers butterscotch bar makes for a perfect addition to your favourite dessert delights.