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SEALZ Essentials

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Preserves Goods up to 5X longer with SEALZ® technology 

The SEALZ Essentials has one of everything that you need. With all 3 sizes of SEALZ vacuum pouches included, you got to try them all and decide which fits your best use case scenario! (Scroll down for product description and specs)

SEALZ Essentials offers:

• One Large vacuum sealable bag designed for long term storage for relatively large amount of broccolis (112grams)

• One Medium sized vacuum sealable bag designed for storage and travel (35 grams)

• One Small vacuum sealable bag designed to store broccoli in your pocket and take it on the go (14 grams)

• One vacuum sealer that is smaller than the size of your palm, plugs directly into smartphone and begin drawing power. No additional apps installation needed. The sealer is equipped with two ports to accommodate both Apple & IOS users. The opposite end of the machine plugs directly into SEALZ one-way air valve. It will gently vacuum the bag without damaging the goods physiological property.

What’s in the Box

• 1 Large vacuum pouch

• 1 Medium vacuum pouch

• 1 Small vacuum pouch

• 1 Vacuum device