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Ruffles All Dressed 60g (Canada)


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Whenever you're on the verge of an epic adventure, make sure you've got the right snack to take it to the next level. When it comes to flavour, Ruffles potato chips have you covered.

You'll enjoy this bag of Ruffles All Dressed flavoured potato chips if: 1. You enjoy unique Canadian food. 2. You're seeking something sweet, salty and savoury all in one bag. 3. You love eating chips that will make your taste buds feel like they're going to explode.

Ruffles is Canada's favourite ridged potato chip brand, delivering big, satisfying crunch and mouth-watering taste with every bag!

Whether you're kicking back with family, watching the game, or just treating yourself to something truly delicious, Ruffles potato chips always hit the spot. And here in Canada, we know the snack table wouldn't be complete without a signature bag of Ruffles All Dressed flavoured notato chins!