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RAW® - Mini Dank Locker Duffel Smell Proof Bag


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The RAW Mini Dank Locker Duffel is one stylish smell-blocking carrying case for your whole RAW setup!

The RAW Mini Dank Locker Duffel features the RAW bag-in-a-bag terp saving technology, cross straps for grab & go stuff, and a large open interior area for storing and stashing!

The RAW Mini Dank Locker Duffel zips up with double siliconized smell-reducing zippers. RAW has also included a child and/or roommate resistant combination lock.

The 5+1 smell-proof design of the The RAW Dank Locker includes a full foil ¼ oz sized terp locking bag, easy carry handle and "RAWesome styling"!

The RAW Mini Dank Locker Duffel bag measures up at 5.25in x 12in x 6in.


RAW Mini Dank Locker Duffel Lock Instructions
Your RAW bag’s default combination is “0-0-0”, to choose your own combination follow these steps:

How to Set the RAW Mini Dank Locker Duffel Lock:
Set the dials to “0-0-0”
Press the “reset” button (A) with a pencil tip or a very small screwdriver. You will hear a “click” when pressed.
Rotate the dials to your desired 3 digit combination. (don't pick 4-2-0 if security a concern :-))
Push the “release” button (B) in to set the combination. You’ll hear a “click” confirming the combination is set.