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Mars Hot Chocolate Powder Pouch 140g (GERMANY)


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The Mars Hot Chocolate Powder Pouch 140g is a delectable treat for anyone looking to enjoy the rich, creamy taste of Mars in a warm beverage. This pouch contains 140 grams of hot chocolate powder, crafted to replicate the indulgent flavor of the famous Mars chocolate bars. With its blend of silky cocoa and the sweet notes of caramel and nougat, this hot chocolate offers a comforting and luxurious drinking experience. Perfect for cozy evenings, chilly mornings, or whenever you crave a chocolatey delight, just mix this powder with hot milk or water to create a smooth, velvety hot chocolate that warms you from the inside out. The convenient pouch packaging ensures freshness and makes it easy to store or take with you for chocolatey pleasure anytime, anywhere.