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Kit Kat Strawberry Shortcake Chocolate Wafer 116g (Japan)


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Kit Kat Strawberry Shortcake Chocolate Wafer (10ct): Indulge in the irresistible blend of creamy strawberry sweetness and crispy wafer goodness with our Kit Kat Strawberry Shortcake Chocolate Wafers! Each bag features 10 delectable bars, perfect for sharing or savoring whenever the craving strikes. Dive into a delightful twist on the classic Kit Kat experience and treat yourself to a burst of fruity flavor in every bite.

Fun fact: KitKat is often given as a gift to students before exams, as “Kitto Katsu,” which translates to “You will surely win,” is a popular expression in Japan. In addition, the chocolate snack is also associated with good luck, making it a popular gift for various occasions, such as weddings and new year celebrations.

Kitkat US is made by Hersheys, whereas everywhere else in the world it is made by Nestle.