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Haribo Candy Weinland 175g (GERMANY)


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Haribo Weinland 175g is a delightful offering from Germany that captures the essence of wine culture in the form of chewy gummy candies. These wine-flavored gummies are alcohol-free, making them suitable for all ages to enjoy. The 175g pack contains a variety of shapes and colors, each representing different types of wine and delivering a rich, fruity flavor that's both sophisticated and enjoyable. Ideal for wine enthusiasts and candy lovers alike, Haribo Weinland gummies offer a unique tasting experience that combines the love of sweets with the aromatic profiles of various wines. Whether as a special treat for yourself, a novel gift for a friend, or a fun addition to gatherings, Haribo Weinland brings a touch of elegance and joy to any occasion, showcasing the innovative spirit and quality that Haribo is known for in the confectionery world.