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Firefly 2+ (Plus) Vaporizer (ONLINE ONLY)

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The Firefly 2+ is designed for people who love the plant.

Our dynamic convection technology delivers phenomenal flavor and zero waste. It's equally superb with flowers and extracts, ready in 3 seconds, and is easy to load and clean.

You deserve the best vapor experience in the world. This is it.

Great Flavor. Zero Waste.

Plants and herbs have a unique combination of terpenes and terpenoids. Each of these ingredients activates at a different temperature, augmenting each other and your brain/body to create different flavors and effects.

The optimal way to heat them is not at a single, steady temperature but over a wide range of temperatures.

Only the Firefly can do this in a single puff.

Firefly 2+ (Plus) Vaporizer (ONLINE ONLY)Works with Flower & Concentrates


Designed For People Who Love The Plant. Firefly's dynamic convection technology delivers rich, flavorful vapor in seconds and celebrates your flowers and concentrates at their freshest. Your material is only heated as you inhale, so nothing is ever lost. It’s a total game changer.

Firefly 2+ (Plus) Vaporizer (ONLINE ONLY)3 Second Heat Up

Ready in 3 seconds. Whether you enjoy one draw or several, fresh vapor is always ready when you are.


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