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Beta Glass Labs Petra Clear 14mm

$199.95 $299.95

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The newest addition to Beta Glass Labs’ line of handcrafted dab rigs, the Petra fuses elegance with practicality for the ultimate smooth, anti-clogging diffuser experience. The Petra’s novel design features a multi-stage diffuser that filters and cools like no other rig on the market.


Introducing the newest member of the Beta Glass Labs family: the Petra. The all-new Petra solves a problem common among high-performance diffusion devices: They dramatically lose filtration efficiency as they become dirty from debris and extended use.

The Petra’s dual compartment design solves this problem by using a multi-stage diffuser isolated within a lower chamber. The diffuser features a flame-polished 4-hole fixed above a flame polished showerhead diffuser.

As the user inhales lightly on the rig, only the top 4-hole percolator is activated to offer a light diffusion for flavor preservation. When the user inhales more forcefully into the rig, the showerhead perc is activated to assist with additional filtration and vapor cooling.