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18mm Ash Catcher 90 Degree (ONLINE ONLY)

$27.99 $29.99

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Elevate your smoking experience with the 18mm Ash Catcher 90 Degree. This sleek and functional accessory seamlessly attaches to your water pipe or bong, providing a secure and leak-free connection. Its transparent design allows you to witness the efficient filtration process, keeping your pipe clean and ensuring smoother hits. With advanced percolation techniques, this ash catcher cools down the smoke and removes impurities for a more enjoyable smoking session. Crafted with durability in mind, it's built to withstand regular use while delivering exceptional performance. Upgrade your setup today and experience the difference of the 18mm Ash Catcher 90 Degree.


  • Material: Thick heavy glass
  • Size: 4.7 inches for 18mm
  • Angle: 90 Degree
  • Color: Transparent
  • Attention: Make sure you choose a size that suits your bong