SKUNK Nomad BackPack


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The SKUNK Nomad Back-Pack is featuring a maximum potency carbon filter that can be reactivated by putting the backpack in the dryer, this bag is 100% smell-proof! It is high quality and durable, weatherproof, and includes a padded laptop pocket inside. It has straps that allow you to bring your skateboard along for the ride! Last but not least, it has lots of pockets and a lock that allows you to create your own combination, so it can only be accessed by you! Get this backpack to hold all of the things that you don't want other people smelling!

  • 100% Smell Proof
  • Maximum potency carbon filter
  • Double waterproof zipper
  • Laptop padded pocket inside
  • Combination lock
  • 2 carbon filter-lined front pockets
  • Interior zipper pockets
  • Side net pockets

18″ × 11″ × 6″